Who am I?

"You shouldn't be defined by your work; your work defines you."



My name is Pat Juliana and I am a Catholic, a beloved child of God. I'm blessed with my husband Jim and gifted with our older son Peter and younger daughter Christine. They fill up my heart with their love, joy and laughter and supports me in my passion of photography. I'm thrilled to say Peter is now married to a beautiful lady. Megan who is a delightful and passionate person adding pure joy to our family.

Family are the most important people that I desire so deeply in my heart. It means so much to me to have faith in my life, God has given me many blessings. I pass these blessings on to others. I'm compassionate always there for a helping hand in need whether it be for the elderly in a nursing home, first graders learning their religion or teens having to be there for them.

I received my first camera from my Dad when I was 12 years old, before a Girl Scout trip to Niagara Falls. The first pictures I took with my 110 film camera was the Niagara Falls 0n the American side and then on the Canadian side which they are called the Horseshoe Falls.

These pictures are framed and still hanging in my living room to this day.

I continued to take pictures of places that I have visited and hang them up to admire for myself capturing the memories and to share with others.

I love nature, traveling, cooking new dishes, going out to dine with Jim ordering alfredo shrimp, biking, hiking in the woods and love sunflowers. I'm sensitive, compassionate, loving, and eager to learn new things. I am confident and ready to take on the new and exciting challenges of life that is God's infinite plan is for me.

I enrolled in photography classes and now I am enrolled in two photography clubs. These have challenged my skills, but I continue to grow and develop as a photographer. I realized how gratifying photography can be.

Last November at a workshop I had the privilege to go and learn about my desire to start my own business in order to use my skills and experience to make my clients happy. My journey to start my own business was last April. I decided to take professional lessons.

My skills are increasing and I am still learning many new skills too. I want to help my clients capture their memories so they can cherish them forever. 

I 'm not a certified interpreter; however, I have been an aide teaching children with special needs for 17 years.

Thanks for taking your time for looking through my website.  

If you are interested in having me capturing the memories of your special day or event, please feel free to contact me using the contact page.

Thank you again!

Common Questions

Do you shoot weddings Photos?

A.No. Not at the present time. I do, however, shoot engagement photos.

Where are you based out of? / Where are you from?

A.I live in York Pennsylvania USA. Most of my clients and photo shoots are in Pennsylvania. I am an independent photographer.

Do you shoot photo sessions outside the surrounding area around York Pennsylvania?

A.If you want a session that is far away from the surrouding area of York Pennsylvania , please contact me and we can discuss possibilities.

Do you sell digital photos?

A.The digital photos are ordered through my shop on this website!

Will there be a second shooter?

A.No. Not at this time.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

A.I would prefer if you contact me about time changes before the session.

What kind of gear do you use?

A.A Canon 7Ti camera, flashes, and a tripod.

Do I have to order prints through you?

A.Within two weeks after the session, I will upload the photos to this website.
Your can order them through me!

What type of photos are omitted?

A.I do not shoot wedding photos at this time.

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