"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

--Ansel Adams


The York Fair

My first award was in the 1980’s when I won first place in the portrait photography division for my photograph of a French painter who was painting the Effiel Tower in Montmartre, France. This is where famous artists go to paint.

In 2004 I entered a photograph of a caterpillar on my camera case and I won second place.

In the year of 2019 I entered a bull photograph in the York Fair winning honorable mention.

Dillsburg Fair

In 2004 I won fourth place in the agricultural contest displaying an old tractor that belonged to my father-n-law.

Canvas 4

My second award was in 2004 when I entered a photograph of Yosemite Falls

on Canvas 4 on the internet. I was given my photograph on a canvas of 11 x 14 for winning first place. It is hung over our fireplace.


I was honored for my first photograph of a woman holding a lantern for raising money for suicide awareness.

It was published in 2019 Lancaster Photo Book.

2019 in Photo Contest either Lancaster or York Clubs.

I won third place for" two girls playing with bubbles" at a birthday party.

Visiting the Pittsburgh zoo, I captured the girillias eating and the baby wanted some too. I name this "Can I have some too?" and took third place.

On a foggy morning I went to Yake's Farm and brought home third place longhorns coming up over the horizon. The appropriate name was for this beauty "These are my babies."

I also won the November cover of the Longhorn magazine.

"Three pairs on the steps" I won honorable mention.

While in Italy I took two photographs one of Saint Peter Basilica and won first place and the another I was thrilled to win another first place on the Vatican Steps which I called "One Step at a Time."

The Vatican Steps won inside the 2018 Lancaster Photo Book.

In Paris I got a great shot of the Effiel Tower on its left side calling it "Looking up" bringing in first place.

"Irish boats" I took from the window of a bus and brought home first place.

These are portals are on a castle in Marseille, France. I took honorable mention.

I took a photograph of my son's cat through the window and took hon0rable mention.

At my girlfriend's house she had a beautiful garden gate which I won third place.

In C0penhagen, Denmark they have a beautiful place where the fishermen come with their catch. It is called Nyhavn I won third place.